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History records that King Edward II was murdered in 1327 with the thrust of a red hot poker. But now a new drama film is to raise questions about the murder and suggests that the truth may be significantly different.


The beautiful setting of Berkeley Castle is also the site of this horrific murder and even today the visitor looking into the murder room may be forgiven for shuddering.  In the middle of the 19th century however a new version of the story emerged.





It started with a document which appeared to be a letter written to King Edward III of England, and told a very different version.  It claimed that Edward II was not killed at Berkeley Castle, but that he escaped to Italy, where he then lived as a hermit.


Neither tale can be proved absolutely. However Edward III clearly was impressed with the escape story, for he rewarded the man who wrote the letter. This film tells the story of a search for the hermit and gives you the chance to decide which version of the tale you believe.



Uncertain Proof has primarily been shot on location at Berkeley Castle and on Brean Down which will be magically transformed into a range of IItalian mountains! We are very grateful to the Berkeley family and the National Trust for allowing us to film in such impressive locations   

The film is a challenge for the actors with one character almost drowning in a flooding river and on Brean Down we have to construct a broken-down pig-hut located at the top of a mountain.  They say never work with children or animals - but we also have to find a way to get a performance out of mountain goats . . . .


Set against the ravages of the plague, Uncertain Proof is based upon the award-winning stage play of the same name.  The screenplay has been developed by A. G. Ford, who wrote the original play.


The action covers just 24 hours but flashbacks portray Edward II’’s life, his love of the joust, his supposed death and funeral, and the execution of his friend, Hugh Despenser.


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Fieschi Letter