Bristol Films will undertake a risk assessment to fully appreciate the potential risk hazards. Where Bristol Films intends undertaking filming within the buildings/ grounds/ land of a private occupier, the appropriate permissions and insurance cover will be agreed with the particular occupier/ owner.

Proof of adequate public liability insurance and any other relevant insurance documents will be made available on demand to anyone affected by the location filming activities of Bristol Films

.Health & Safety

Bristol Films will comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and all other appropriate legislation such as the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 so as to ensure the health, safety and welfare of any employees, volunteer, helpers, contractors, participants and the public.

Detailed risk assessments will be carried out.

Respect for local businesses, residents and members of the public

Bristol Films on location are visitors, and will be sensitive to the community in which they are working. Local businesses and residents will be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times.

Some general guidelines are given below:
1. All neighbouring residents and businesses affected by filming must be notified in advance by letter, of filming arrangements in their area. Wherever possible a notice of at least one week will be given. With filming of a sensitive nature, early consultation with local residents and businesses in the planning process is advised.
2. Bristol Films will adhere to the Environmental Protection Act (1990) in relation to noise and disturbance e.g. during night shoots in residential areas, noise must be kept to a minimum, generators should be baffled or integral with the location vehicle and walkie-talkies should be turned down to a minimum.
3. Access & Egress — Bristol Films will ensure access & egress to homes and business locations are maintained at all times.
4. Crew members will dress decently at all times. Dress codes imposed on particular locations for religious or other reasons will be adhered to.

Care of the Location and the Environment

1. Rubbish bins must be made available by the company and must be cleared regularly.
2. Protective materials or dust sheets must be provided where appropriate to cover furniture and flooring for interior filming.
3. Drinks and meals must only be taken in designated areas. No smoking areas must be observed. Where smoking is allowed, cigarettes must be extinguished in the ashtrays provided by Bristol Films.
4. Objects belonging to the location must not be moved or removed without the owner s express permission.
5. Crew members must not trespass onto neighbouring property or enter areas of a location which the owner has stipulated may not be used for filming.
6. All signs or property removed or disguised for filming purposes must be reinstated upon completion of filming. All signs posted to direct the company to location must be removed.
7. The company will make good any damage caused by its activities immediately after filming and must notify all parties concerned.
8. Whenever necessary the company will ensure that the location and its environs are protected by security staff.
9. The crew members responsible for the location must check it thoroughly before departure to ensure that the property has been restored to its original state and that any evidence of filming activity has been removed.

We understand that in certain circumstances the local authority, emergency services or location owners may deem it necessary to impose additional stipulations on Bristol Films by mutual agreement.

This document is intended as a guide to the conduct expected while filming on the streets and other public places in the Bristol Area. It is not an exhaustive document and in the even of any doubt, producers are requested to check any uncertainties before filming commences.

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